This report will provide a quick overview as to how the Westside micro-markets are currently performing and then compares that data to the same period a year ago.

Pending Sales activity compared to Jan ’15 down in all market segments (except Cheviot Hills) – a trend that began back in August.  Higher pricing overall is keeping some buyers on the bench which has helped to return the market to a more stabilized condition. 

Many segments now have over 6 months supply of inventory which puts us back in Buyer’s Market territory – in theory.  This is largely because Buyers have also become more discerning and are passing on what’s available believing it’s over-priced for their preferences.

Well-priced listings continue to receive multiple-offers and vanish quickly.  Home Sellers who price correctly are rewarded with above-asking sold prices which mean there’s still opportunity for those who wish/need to sell!

The key market indicators are:

Pending Sales Activity - sometimes referred to as the 'Number of Properties Under Contract'. This is a forward-looking indicator of current sales activity where there has been an accepted offer and escrow has opened.

Median Sales Price - that point at which half of the properties have sold for a greater amount and half have sold for a lesser amount. This indicator pinpoints where in the price spectrum homes have sold rather than reflecting home value. There is a common misperception that a drop in the MSP directly indicates a drop in home value. It is far more likely that the drop indicates either smaller, older and/or homes in lower-priced areas have sold during the period.

Months Supply of Inventory (MSI) - a leading indicator of market supply, which directly impacts pricing. Generally, a five to six month supply indicates market equilibrium while anything less signals a 'seller's market' and anything above a 'buyer's market'.

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