7 Low-Cost Ways to Add Storage To A Cluttered Home

7 Low-Cost Ways to Add Storage To A Cluttered Home

Moving to a bigger house isn’t the only solution to a lack of space at home. If you need more storage, you can add it without increasing your square footage, paying monthly fees for a storage unit, or throwing out all your stuff. You can even save money while doing it! Here are seven low-cost ways you can add storage to any home.

Get Things Off the Floor

Nothing shrinks your home’s usable space more than storing items on the floor. When you move stuff off of the floors and onto the walls, you instantly increase your square footage and make your home look tidier. If you’re looking for some low-cost wall storage solutions, check out retailers like The Container Store, which specializes in helping you stay organized.

Mount Pegboard in Closets

If all your stuff is stacked on shelves and hung on hangers, you’re not making the most of your closet space. Install pegboard inside of closet doors to store accessories, cleaning products, craft and office supplies, and other small items. Don’t assume you’re limited to things that can hang on hooks: You can use pegboard as a base for baskets, shelves, and a variety of other storage solutions. Learn more and find DIY instructions at Family Handyman, and take advantage of savings and deals at stores like Lowe’s to save some money.

Stick Caddies Inside Cabinet Doors

When you like to cook, your kitchen cabinets quickly become a black hole of spices and baking goods. Add space and make it easy to find what you need by adding caddies to the inside of cabinet doors. Adhesive caddies by 3M Command are a great budget option, but they’re not the most stylish solution. For a more attractive alternative, look for over-the-door organizers at a retailer like Bed, Bath & Beyond. You’ll spend a little more, but with online coupons and some cashback rewards, you can still get a great price.

Color-Coordinate Storage Bins

Stylish storage boxes and baskets take clutter and turn it into décor. And since the contents are concealed within the container, you can use storage bins to stash anything from spare blankets to the contents of your junk drawer. Crate & Barrel is a good place to stock up on chic storage solutions, and they frequently offer discounts or you can find additional savings through promotions so you never have to pay full price.

Make DIY Hanger Chains

Is your closet bulging with hangers full of clothes? Add more hanger space to an undersized closet by using chains and S-hooks to create a vertical hanging system for clothing. Brit + Codemonstrates how you can do it on your own.

Store Dry Goods in Jars

Organize a cluttered pantry by storing dry goods like beans, grains, and pastas in jars, rather than the boxes and bags they came in. When your pantry staples are organized in matching containers, it only takes a glance to see what you have in stock. You don’t have to buy new jars for storage! You can save money by reusing glass jars from pasta sauces, pickles, and other jarred foods. If you’re set on classic mason jars, search for coupons online before you buy.

Build Floating Shelves

If you’re handy with power tools and have wall space to spare, floating shelves are a stylish storage solution that suits a wide variety of interior design themes. Learn how to construct floating shelves using these instructions, then find ways to save on materials.

Whether you’re living in a small apartment or simply have more stuff than your home can handle, there’s a budget-friendly solution for increasing your storage space without moving house. If these tips don’t solve your storage shortage, try one of House Beautiful’s space-savvy organization ideas. Better yet, come up with a DIY solution of your own!

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