Dear Mr. Robertson-

We wanted to write this letter regarding the outstanding service we received from Craig Whitlock.  We met Craig at an Open House years ago while we were starting our home search.

Through emails, Craig kept us updated the current market trends and great articles about homes!  When the time was right, we contacted Craig (who remembered our meeting years ago) and he guided us through every step of the process.

Not only is Craig a true professional, he has a warm and fun sense of humor.  We have enjoyed getting to know him and have experienced his kindness and incredibly positive attitude.

This was our first home purchase and we trusted Craig in all aspects of the experience.  Craig is super knowledgeable and his guidance was immeasurable.

We would be very happy to refer Craig to our family and friends who are in need of a realtor.  Craig is THE MAN.


Suzanna and Jean-luc Gignac


Dear Mr. Robertson:

It is our sincere pleasure to write this letter regarding the wonderful service we received from Craig Whitlock.  Craig has represented us since we first moved to Los Angeles from San Diego over four years ago.  When we first contacted Craig, we were hoping to purchase a home in the Westwood area.  Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right for us to purchase a home, but Craig didn’t miss a beat.  He helped us quickly locate a rental that met our family’s needs at that time and helped make our transition to Los Angeles a smooth one.

Craig stayed in close contact over these past four years, even helping us find another place to rent, while also keeping us updated on the current market trends and sharing helpful articles that applied to us.  When we were finally ready to purchase a home, Craig was there to offer his guidance through every step of the process. 

Craig is one of a kind in many ways.  His professionalism is beyond compare.  He communicated with us quickly and if he wasn’t 100% sure on his response, he would apply his due diligence and get back to us as soon as he had an answer.  We have trusted him in all aspects of our purchase and he did not let us down.  His positive attitude makes all the difference and we will definitely contact him for the future sale of our property and the purchase of our next.  Craig has been a great asset to us and we recommend him to every one of our friends who need a knowledgeable and trusted Realtor.  We couldn’t be happier with his service to our family.

Very truly yours,

Andy and Laura Brayton


Craig -

I'm sure that Judi has told you that I happened upon a place in Encino. Judi had told me that you were a GREAT realtor. You proved that she is a good judge of people. I couldn't believe how quickly you jumped to my aid. I was very impressed by your concern to help me out and by your TOTAL professionalism. I will certainly remember you should I meet someone looking for a REAL agent. I hope that I will be able to utilize your caring when I look to buy.

Thank you so much,

George Lowry  


Dear Mr. Robertson:

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter regarding our experience with Craig Whitlock, who was able to sell our condo on the day of listing at $21,000 above listing price.

On a friend’s recommendation, I had reached out to Mr. Whitlock in 2014 and he prepared an extremely professional sales proposal. At that time, we decided to continue to hold on to the property and see how the market progressed. He continued to provide very non-intrusive updates over the ensuing years and I reached out to him again in January this year. He prepared another well-researched market analysis, and given the circumstances, we decided to move forward with the sale. Throughout the entire sale process, he remained very professional and “on it” regarding every detail. His “can do” attitude really help assuage my concerns, especially living so far away and being disconnected from the on-the-ground issues that arise in the sale of a property.

Furthermore, he was able to finalize a deal that was well above the listing price with no contingencies! This was an amazing achievement and spoke volumes about his dedication to us, as his client. But, while this is an amazing technical achievement, we personally were most impressed with his high-level integrity throughout the process. He never accepted shortcuts or compromised the process ever, to obtain a quick buck or a higher margin. This is something commendable and hopefully we’re able to work him again in the future, for this reason alone.

As such, we highly recommend Mr. Whitlock for any future client…we certainly will be repeat customers.

Sincerely yours,

Snehal and Nirav Patel


Dear Ellen:

I wanted to present a brief summary of our outstanding experience with Craig Whitlock who sold our home on Midvale Ave. in May.

Craig is the consummate professional and exceeded our expectations in every way.   His attention to detail and his responsiveness to our questions and emails were superb.  He is honest and forthright and his follow up is impeccable.

His recommendation for the sale price resulted in multiple offers and an accepted offer (which was $60,000 over sale price) within days of our listing.  His innovative approach to offering “sneak previews” prior to the actual open house was brilliant.

Craig is by far the best realtor we have ever worked with.  I highly recommend him and would retain his services again and again.  It was a delight and pleasure to work with Craig.


Marcia Colone and Jim Updegraff


Dear Ms. Bergeron -

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter to you regarding our selling experience with one of your realtors, Craig Whitlock, who sold our west side condo in 11 days at almost full asking price.

Initially, we were simply 'testing' the selling waters on the west side with a listing price in mind, but after having met with Craig and having him affirm our suggested listing price and explain the marketing strategy that he would implement to get this price, we felt confident that Craig was the realtor for the job.  Craig's attention to detail, his wonderful marketing presentation, his vast knowledge and experience in the west side condo market and his positive attitude and great sense of humor were all assets that enabled us to close escrow in a short amount of time and at almost full asking price.

Craig is the consummate professional and we hope that Coldwell Banker considers itself very fortunate to have him as one of its agents.  We couldn't be happier with our selling experience due to Craig's efforts and would highly recommend him to any future potential client.


Karen Schneeberger and Frank Mineo


Hello Ellen –

I had wanted to write earlier but have finally found a moment to let you know how much my family appreciates the fine assistance provided by Craig Whitlock in your office in the sale of our Condo in Westwood last month.   

There were three of we siblings on behalf of our mom involved in the process and Craig extended great patience and professionalism to all of us from start to finish.  His desire to listen to our needs and dedication to ensuring that we were always kept informed really helped to quickly build our trust in him.

He implemented his pricing and marketing strategies methodically.  His negotiation skills were great and he guided us through two escrows flawlessly which resulted in a sale price $31,000 beyond our asking price.  This is just beyond fantastic!

My family will never forget the great job he did for us and no doubt will turn to him in the future whenever the need arises.  We are happy to recommend him to anyone who demands the very best in knowledge and skill. 

Most sincerely,

Shay Shamsian


Dear Ellen –

My wife and I are writing to express our appreciation for the excellent manner in which Craig Whitlock handled the sale of our condo in Westwood.  Over the years, we have worked with many agents and never have we experienced the level of professionalism and skill as we have with him.

We met Craig a few years ago and while we were very impressed with his positive personality and presentation, we weren’t ready to sell.  Since then, we moved to Florida so when the time finally came to sell, we had to rely on Craig for everything to get the job done.  From cleaning and painting to staging and selling, he handled everything with extreme expertise which quickly built our confidence in him.

Most important to us was the fact that he really listened to us outline what was important to fully understand our needs and then came up with a plan that fit our situation.  He always maintained a close communication which really helped to manage our anxieties.  Craig’s price recommendation proved to be right on target as we received multiple offers resulting in a sale price that was 6% over our asking price.

We are happy to recommend Craig to anyone who is seeking top flight service.  It’s been such a pleasure to work with him and know that anyone else who does same would enjoy the same experience.


Michael and Irene Schneider                                                                                    



Dear Ellen:

It is our pleasure to write this letter to you to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent service that we received from Craig Whitlock in your office.  Not only had he helped us with the sale of our property but he also represented us in two previous transactions (one sale and one purchase) making three in all.  Obviously that demonstrates how comfortable and satisfied we were to engage with and trust in his services on our long journey together.   

We were impressed with his communication skills and the knowledge of the market with his analytical view.  Also, we liked how he presented himself in a detail-oriented manner with confidence.  He is well organized and does not neglect small items which can be easily missed by others.  People often claim to possess these skills but typically fail to execute in their action.   

Craig fit the profile of what we expected from a real estate professional.  We needed a person who would listen to our needs and wants and then deliver on their promised performance in order for us to achieve the highest value for our property. 

We know that property transactions can be lengthy and frustrating however we were completely overwhelmed by the amount of information that we had to deal with during the process.  Craig really helped to ease our stress levels by explaining each step in detail with considerable patience.

He always carried a positive attitude and sought the best solutions when we encountered unforeseeable obstacles along the way.  When we had questions or concerns, he always made himself available.  If he didn’t have answer immediately, he would do research to find one at the soonest. 

We are happy to refer Craig to our friends because of his excellent service as our listing agent.  We wish him all the best and the further success in his career.

With warmest regards,

Ken and Lisa Horimoto


Dear Ellen:

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter to you regarding the excellent service provided by Craig Whitlock in your office.  Even before we started working with Craig, he was open to answering all of the questions we had as a first-time seller (of our Condo at 2263 Fox Hills Drive) in Los Angeles, California.

We were highly impressed with the structure and content of his first presentation to us and felt comfortable that we would be in good hands.  It was his analytical approach, deep understanding of the market and his genuine interest in helping us which led us to our decision to work with him.

Over the next couple of months, Craig further increased our confidence in his abilities by keeping us abreast of the developments on a regular interval.  Once we received the offers, Craig patiently worked with us through the negotiation process and was able to get us a price 20K higher than the asking price.

His ability to plan ahead and manage the details exceedingly well proved valuable and helped us close the escrow within a short period of time.  We had faced a couple of unforeseen issues during the escrow but Craig's experience was on our side and we were able to deal with them successfully.

Craig's positive and productive mindset throughout this period was exemplary and we are really happy that we decided to go with him as our listing agent.  I wish Craig all the best and will be glad to recommend him to any potential future client.

With regards,

Helen Zeng


Dear Ms. Bergeron,

My husband and I moved to Los Angeles in late summer 2014 from New York City.  We knew we wanted to settle here in in sunny Southern California, so we started to search the internet for property to purchase.  We went to an open house and met Craig Whitlock.  Being new to the city, it was nice to receive insightful information about LA and its real estate market from Craig.

Craig was an agent with great expertise of the market, and throughout the entire process he had incredible attention to detail and excellent follow-through.  This made the whole hectic process much easier than expected!

We are extremely happy with our new home and the service that Craig provided.  We intend to continue our relationship with him in the future and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association.  We would whole-heartily recommend him to anyone who is seeking first rate representation in the Los Angeles area.


Lars and Kelly Heimsath


Dear Ellen:

For a couple of years Craig sent me his newsletter.  I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the real estate marketplace in Los Angeles.

He gave me undivided attention on the phone.  Craig kept me informed on the marketplace.  I was in the market for a condo and also I had a condo in Brentwood to sell.  I was considering selling the unit and then purchasing a larger one in Brentwood.

Craig and I met a month or so ago.  I decided that he was the right person to continue helping me in my search for another condo.  His insight and market knowledge was so helpful in assisting me with my purchase decisions.

As soon as the one I purchased was on the MLS, Craig emailed me to go over and see it.  An offer was made within a day or so.  I had a short escrow of 24 days and throughout that period Craig was on top of all the moving parts.

Craig is extremely organized, knows the legal issues in purchasing.  I felt I had a very smart Realtor on my side.  There were a few issues during the escrow and Craig was on top of each one.

I highly recommend Craig Whitlock to be your Realtor as he is extremely trustworthy, smart and dots every I and crosses every T and is very diligent with the entire process of the escrow.

I am grateful and feel blessed that his newsletter found me.


Judi Hochman


Ms. Bergeron,

It is with absolute pleasure that I write to tell you what you likely already know from many of your other clients, Craig Whitlock is a superior broker who has an incessant passion and kindness that makes an incredibly challenging process run as smoothly as possible.

This is our second time working with Craig, and the second time he came on board like one of our own to ensure our interests were taken care of, and more so that we were happy, comfortable and well informed the entire time.

He is relentless in his pursuit of making the right deal, and handling it all on the up-and-up.  We continue to recommend him to anyone who will listen and wanted to make sure you knew this as well.

All the best, 

Rachel and Gregg Spiegelman


Dear Ellen:

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter to you regarding the excellent service provided by Craig Whitlock in your office.  Even before we started working with Craig, he was open to answering all of the questions we had as a first-time seller (of our Condo at 2111 So. Beverly Glen Blvd.).

We were highly impressed with the structure and content of his first presentation to us and felt comfortable that we would be in good hands.  It was his analytical approach, deep understanding of the market and his genuine interest in helping us which led us to our decision to work with him.

Over the next couple of months, Craig further increased our confidence in his abilities by keeping us abreast of the developments on a regular interval.  Once we received an offer, Craig patiently worked with us through the negotiation process and was able to get us a price close to the asking price.

His ability to plan ahead and manage the details exceedingly well proved valuable and helped us close the escrow within a short period of time.  We had faced a couple of unforeseen issues during the escrow but Craig's experience was on our side and we were able to deal with them successfully.

Craig's positive and productive mindset throughout this period was exemplary and we are really happy that we decided to go with him as our listing agent.  I wish Craig all the best and will be glad to recommend him to any potential future client.

With regards, 

Kamalesh Jha


Dear Ms. Bergeron:

We were searching for our first home to buy when we met Craig Whitlock at an Open House near the area where we lived.  This was about four and half years ago.  As you are certainly aware, the process of home buying is a long and tedious one and at times, the details of it could make the task even more daunting and formidable than it needs to be.

We were both nervous and did not know much about the steps involved yet we both felt instantaneously that Craig was the one who could lead us in the right direction.  We were definitely NOT WRONG in that respect.  We feel so lucky to have had him as our agent as we both think he is absolutely the best real estate agent we could have possibly worked with.

He knows the market, answers questions as they come up and is patient beyond belief.  He is meticulous, thorough, very detail oriented, attentive to client's needs and it rarely takes him more than a few minutes to respond back to an email or voicemail - be it weekday, night or weekend.

As our search evolved over the course of time and as the market started to change, we found him always in the forefront of that change.  He was always available to advise us and lend a helping hand.  Prior to purchasing our new property, we became interested in another home just blocks away from it back in December 2012.

We went through the process in its entirety and that was when the true virtue of a knowledgeable Realtor such as Craig became apparent to us.  He worked the entire process one step at a time, was extremely patient with us and ventured through everything we needed from home inspection to even handymen.  He took all factors into account (including financial and lifestyle) and explained everything in detail, from loan qualification, to inspection, to improvement recommendations and estimated costs.

As the financial process during that escrow became somewhat entangled, Craig even joined us in a few meetings we had with our lender to try expediting the whole process.

Ultimately, we did not qualify for the loan.  The value however of having someone of his caliber and expertise became that much more apparent to us.

Our success at finally buying our new condominium home would have been unthinkable without his diligent efforts on our behalf.  Ever so thoughtful, he even presented us with a binder complete with all the details and records of the transaction so we would have the documents available should we need them at some point in the future.  We are both happy and proud to strongly recommend Craig as a Realtor and general advisor on housing-related topics to friends, family and anyone else who may need assistance.


Mehrdad Sarhangie and Niki Tadayon


Dear Ellen,

I recently had the pleasure of working with one of your colleagues; Craig Whitlock, who helped me immensely in finding the condo I was looking for in the Westside.

I won't take too much of your time here but I do want to say that I have never seen anyone as focused, in charge, well-informed and just genuinely dedicated to help a buyer go through the entire process of buying a property, in a manner that was so smooth it was almost hard to believe.  I do not buy/sell properties often enough to claim I know how realtors in general work but even without such vast experience in dealing with realtors, I can say without a doubt that Craig is so good and so committed to ensure the client is protected and guided throughout the process that I would highly recommend him to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell a property. 

In short, my experience was truly a pleasure working with Craig, it couldn't have been better.  I just wanted to share that with you.


Azita Amini


Dear Ms. Bergeron:

We're writing to you to express how much we appreciate the terrific job that Craig Whitlock did for us in selling our home.  When my husband and I decided to sell our condominium in Westwood, we both agreed that we should interview at least 3 agents before making a decision as to who would be our listing agent.

Craig provided us with a very impressive presentation and answered our many questions.  We were so impressed by his knowledge regarding the marketplace and our neighborhood along with his very positive personality, we decided on that first interview that he was the one for us.

He constantly kept in touch with us regarding every showing, reviewed market developments and then both analyzed and commented on them.  He also made us feel very comfortable with every step of the escrow process.  In particular, we really appreciated how he helped us to deal with our HOA which really became quite difficult.

In short, we couldn't be happier with the service received.  We were delighted that the sales price was higher than our original asking price and it certainly was way beyond our hopes. 

We will be sure to recommend Craig to any of our friends and relatives for we believe they couldn't find a better professional.


Peter and May Chew


Dear Ms. Bergeron:

Craig Whitlock of your office was the listing agent on the recent sale of my condominium in Westwood and I wanted to write and express my deep appreciation for his excellent services.  Over the course of the last 30-plus years, I have worked with a multitude of real estate agents with respect to my personal residences, investment properties and professionally on behalf of clients.  In my view, Craig is simply the very best real estate agent with whom I have ever worked.  He proved to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the real estate marketplace and procedures, unfailingly professional in every respect and did such in an exceedingly personable and optimistic manner.  Perhaps even more importantly, Craig kept me informed virtually each day regarding every development in the process, personally attended every inspection and handled the many issues that arose in escrow expertly and with great finesse.

Prior to listing my condominium on October 25, 2012, Craig provided me with a personalized written market analysis of my property, patiently discussed this analysis and answered my many questions.  He acknowledged my concerns about the challenges in listing a property less than a month before the holiday season, but, given my personal financial goals, he was very reassuring that his marketing plan would be successful nonetheless - despite what we both agreed was an 'aggressive' listing price.  The ultimate sale price was significantly higher than I expected.

Every single representation Craig made to me regarding his plans for marketing the property was performed and each at a level exceeding my expectations.  Just two examples are that he personally held an 'Open House' each Sunday until the actual close of escrow and he developed what I thought was a superb website showcasing my condominium in the most positive possible light (https://www.youtube.com/user/craigwhitlock1).  I would be proud to recommend Craig to any of your potential clients without reservation.


Lawrence R. Clarke


Dear Ms. Bergeron:

This letter is to commend Craig Whitlock.  To date, I have conducted three transactions with him.  The first two were leases on my property in 2011 and 2012.  He provided renters of the best caliber in a time frame exceeding the marketplace.  He displayed good negotiating skills.  Although not required, he assisted me during the lease periods.  Based on those positive experiences, I decided that further transactions moving forward would be done through him.

Next, Craig was my Realtor on the sale of my home.  Besides the escrow being a 21-day escrow, there were other difficulties not directly related to the transaction.  He assisted in those areas to keep the process going.  He kept me informed at each step of the transaction.  He educated me in areas that I was unfamiliar with.  He did what he said he would do in a timely manner.

Craig displayed honesty and integrity.  He provided exceptional service.  Craig was the ultimate professional in all regards.

Without question, I will refer him to family and friends.


Karen Loeb


Dear Ms. Bergeron,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am to have Craig Whitlock as my realtor.

I had called him about 4 years ago to inquire about a house in my neighborhood and he has persevered to help me find the right house for me, that I just purchased in May.  Not only do I believe that no other realtor would have stuck with a client for that extended period of time, but I can attest to his patience, politeness and professionalism.

Even during the escrow process, he answered all of my questions with a level of expertise that I doubt other realtors aspire to.  He helped to educate me along the way, while fully supporting my decisions and respecting that they were inevitably mine to make.

Furthermore, he not only negotiated gallantly on my behalf but he also caught several mistakes made on behalf of the seller and escrow company which saved me future headaches and possible litigation.

I have been recommending Craig to anyone I encounter who is even thinking of buying or selling property simply because it is in their best interests to have someone like him in their corner.

Perhaps you are aware of what a stellar employee he is already, but it was my pleasure to write this letter and tell you how grateful I am to have him as my realtor.


Julian Moses


Dear Ms. Bergeron:

I seldom have the time to stop and make note of remarkable service.  In this instance, I take exception as my experience with Craig Whitlock of your office merits such effort.  His assistance and guidance on my first home purchase on Westgate Avenue was absolutely stellar and I wanted you to know what a great resource he is to your office.

Craig was a pleasure to work with.  Over the course of my search he helped me to refine my criteria and had the patience to work with me in finding the right place for me.  The intricacies and details of purchasing a home are far too tedious for a buyer to deal with and Craig made sure I never had to.

He seamlessly guided me through the entire process and made sure everything was taken care of.  Further, he even went the extra distance after the purchase to make himself available with whatever details I needed attended to.  His experience was evident and client service a full 10 which together make me recommend him to anyone who demands excellence.  


Gil Moran



We were informed by the main switchboard that you are Craig Whitlock's Manager.  We can only imagine that this is one of hundreds of letters you receive of this kind.  Nonetheless, we would not let the moment pass without sending our own.

Craig Whitlock not only surpasses all other Brokers as it relates to customer service, kindness, patience, knowledge, persistence and an overall earnest interest in his client's lives/needs, he has simply broken the mold for all in the client service business.

Our experience with Craig in renting a house was so pleasurable, we immediately asked him to be our broker as we searched for the perfect home for our upcoming family.

Using the word "perfect" is not an accident. That is exactly what Craig was looking for, within our requirement list, and what he demanded from all others we dealt with along the way.

He never hesitated to express an honest opinion, all the while ensuring we knew that no matter what, he would support us and our decisions as best he could.

Colleagues that he recommended for our needs along the way all stood up to the high, high standards he had set and all serviced us with the utmost respect as they knew we were Craig's clients.

We have truly purchased our dream home...both because we love our new house and because the process was dreamlike in its ease and lack of stress...all because of Craig.

We have already recommended Craig to friends and colleagues and jump at the chance to mention his name to anyone in the market.

We are almost saddened this is all over as he has become a part of our lives.
We only wish there were more people like Craig Whitlock in the world...then maybe life would be a little bit easier for all.


Rachel and Gregg Spiegelman